Common Questions about Sublimation and Photo Quilt Blocks

Common Questions about Sublimation and Photo Quilt Blocks

What is sublimation and what makes SUBLIMATION PRINTING special?

Sublimation printing is a printing process where inks that turn into gas are printed on to a paper and then heat set into your fabric with heat and pressure.  The ink then combines with the fabric and permanently prints onto the fabric. The effects are permanent and less prone to fading, as the ink is embedded in the fabric or substrate rather than simply laying on top like a normal print.

How do I care for my PHOTO QUILT BLOCK?

Photo Quilt Blocks are very easy to care for.  For longest life, wash in gentle detergent, no fabric softener, and dry on warm/cool temperature.  Remember, the ink has dyed the polyester fiber, so it is very washable!

Can sublimation printing be done on any fabric?

Sublimation only works on polyester.  Fabric content needs to be a minimum of 50%.  When you print on a fabric that is 50% poly, it gives it a little bit of a vintage look as the dye only takes to the polyester, leaving the cotton or rayon threads undyed.

What colors can a sublimation printer print?

Sublimation prints every color but white.  If you have white in your picture, you will need to use white fabric so it shows in the design.

Can I iron my Photo Quilt Block?

Sublimation printing is done at 390 degrees for 40 seconds.  When heat is applied evenly, it does not melt the fabric.  If you were to press, steam, and apply pressure to a Photo Quilt Block in a tiny area for a long time it could melt a spot on the fabric. So here are some guides to keep your quilt block safe!


  • Keep your iron temp at polyester setting
  • Iron your seams toward the Photo Quilt Block so that your cotton piece that it butts too is what your iron rests on when pressing
  • Do not hold your iron over one spot for extended time
  • Use a fabric press cloth between your iron and your Photo Quilt Block
  • Or use a piece of parchment paper between your iron and Photo Quilt Block

Common questions about PHOTO QUILT BLOCKS

What are the size ranges of the Photo Quilt Blocks?

We can print a block as small as 3x3 (minimum of 5) to as large as 18x22 inches.

We are happy to give you a custom quote to fit whatever sizes and quantities you are needing!  Just email us with the size and number of photos you would like and request a quote at

Do all the blocks have to be the same size?

You can order blocks individually if you would like them all the same size.  You will find our product descriptions and listings for individual blocks at

We also have FAT QUARTER LAYOUTS with varying sizes of blocks as a value option!

Please see our handout on FAT QUARTER LAYOUTS that are currently available!  These are also available on our website at  

How do I get my pictures to you?

We have several ways to get your pictures from you!

  • You can go to our website and use our photo layout and upload options and do it all yourself for free!
  • You can email your photos to us specifying what sizes each picture should be printed.  We are happy to set up all your photos to print for you for a setup fee of $10 (per half hour)
  • You can mail a USB with your photos.  A setup fee of $10 per half hour will be applied.
    • Photo Quilt Blocks

5316 S 210th Rd

Pleasant Hope MO 65725

  • If you have a large number of photos, you can email me at and I can set up a google folder for you to upload your photos into.   We are happy to set up all your photos to print for you for a setup fee of $10 (per half hour)

We understand that many people are not technologically savvy.  THAT’S OK!  We will work out a way to get your photos from you that works for you!  We are happy to set up all your photos to print for you for a setup fee of $10 (per half hour).  We want to help you create memories and heirlooms you cherish! 

How long does it take to get the finished quilt blocks?

Typical ship time for PHOTO QUILT BLOCKS is one business week.

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