I would say that the most common way we are taking photos is with our iPhones.  So let's talk about that first!

If you are looking at a photo on your iPhone, follow THIS LINK for a how to on finding your image size.  Basically, you will go to your photos.  Swipe up on the photo, and it will show your the MP size and the size of the photo.


After doing some research, it looks like iPhones take pictures at 72 dpi. So here are a couple of examples: 

1.  My photo shows that it is 12MP and the size is 3024x4032 on my iPhone.  If I divide 72 into those two numbers I get 42x56 inches.  When I look at the photo on my laptop, it shows the file size is 3552 KB.  So this one you can print as my largest size of 18x23 and be fine!  If I had the capability, I could print it as large as 42x56.

2.  My photo that someone emailed me shows 97 KB on my computer when I receive it.  When I open it to print it comes in as 4 x 8.79 inches.  When I try to enlarge it to 12.5 inches tall, it starts getting pixelated.


What is pixelated?

If you take a look at this photo below, I have printed out a small file size.  I started out with the original on the far right, and then started to enlarge it.  You can see how the photo gets more fuzzy/pixelated the larger it gets. It wasn't a great picture to begin with, but was really bad the larger it got. 



If you save an image off the the web, like Facebook, here is a little tip to cheat the size issue!  Images that you save off the web are sometimes small in size and don't print well, so here is what you need to do:

On your phone, open the picture in Facebook you would like to use.

Next TAKE A SCREENSHOT with your phone.

It is now a higher resolution photo and should work for your purposes!

This is how this photo was delivered to me!



If you are looking at a photo on your computer, this is how you can find out the size information:

For Mac OS

  • Locate your file
  • Click on it – once – don’t double click
  • On your keyboard ~ Hold [ Command ] and press the letter ” I “
  • This opens the info window for your file
  • Look for the section that says, “More Info”
  • Within More Info you will find “Dimensions”
  • These are your pixel dimensions.

For Windows PC

  • Locate your file
  • Right click on the file
  • Select “Properties”
  • Click on the “Details” tab
  • Scroll down to the Image section
  • Look for Dimensions
  • These are your pixel dimensions.