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I May Look Calm Chicken Tshirt | Baseball style t-shirt

I May Look Calm Chicken Tshirt | Baseball style t-shirt

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I may look calm but in my head I've pecked you three times....I love it!  I love humerous t-shirts that say what you're really thinking. Also, I don't know about you, but I love 3/4 length sleeve baseball sleeve t-shirts for the spring!

This soft, comfy tshirt is a triblend of polyester, cotton, and rayon.  Comfy enough to wear to bed, and stylish enough to wear on the street!

These tshirts are printed with a dye technology that fuses right into the fibers of the t-shirt!  You can't even feel the design on the shirt which makes it so comfy!  Because it dyes right into the shirt, the patterns are very soft, vintage, and a little distressed looking....who doesn't love that?

Printed in Missouri....right here in the USA!

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