Copper Owl - Polly and Josie

Artwork on fabric?  Yes, please!
Polly, Josie, and I, Lori, met at Cider Days on Walnut Street at an art fair.  I immediately fell in love with their artwork, and I thought the quilting community would too!  We quickly clicked and began the Copper Owl line of products to inspire our "Quilty" friends!
We are twin sisters, best friends, and creative coworkers! We are two artistic minds with a desire to produce art that inspires the individuals around us to chase happiness, delight-in every moment, and celebrate life through the pieces that we create. Follow along for double the fun as we document the hoot behind Copper Owl through art, design, and adorning moments!
- Josie and Polly Dinsdale -

Link to their Facebook Page is here!