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RaNae Merrill

Machine Mastery in a Month Book and Tool Kit - by RaNae Merrill

Machine Mastery in a Month Book and Tool Kit - by RaNae Merrill

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Free motion quilting is the perfect companion for Photo Quilts!  Being able to quilt the backgrounds, add words, and follow the flow of your photo makes for extra-ordinary photo memory quilts!

I met RaNae at the Paducah quilt show for the first time last year.  She is so delightful and helpful!  She understands the benefit of rhythm, muscle memory, and repetition as she is a retired piano teacher.  Her whole system has really helped launch me into FREE MOTION QUILTING!

Per RaNae:

Learning to quilt is not just about learning patterns: you also need to learn the movement of quilting. FMM30 uses large-body motions and tracing with the Master Trainer and Tracing Sheets -- before you go to the sewing machine -- to teach you patterns AND the movement to quilt them. Then, when you go to the sewing machine you can quilt because you already learned what to do BEFORE you got there! 

The Master Trainer also functions as a measuring ruler, a cutting ruler for joining strips when you assemble your practice blocks into a quilt, and a machine quilting ruler (ruler work is introduced as a bonus at the end of the book).

FMM30 Tool Kit, which contains
- Master Trainer
- 10 Laminated Tracing Sheets (double-sided)
- Dry erase white board
- Dry-erase marker
- Erasing cloth
- 4 Gripper pads
- Zippered, reusable tote bag
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